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Hirsch Electronics, part of Identive Group, manufactures integrated physical security access control and identity systems using keypads, card readers, biometrics, and photo badges. The terminals operate with Windows-based software.


We are the leading platform & Authorized Partners of value-added technology and personal care products in Latin America and the Caribbean.

The Right Distributor

How would you design your own perfect distributor? A distributor that does a lot more of what your business needs to grow and less of what slows it down. A distributor that knows what it’s like to stand on your side of the counter and sit on your side of the desk. Welcome to Coribo Industries. Coribo is a consumer electronics distributor designed for people like us. Hard-working, customer-focused people with a keen eye on their bottom line.

Choosing a distributor is one of your company’s most important business decisions. Which is why that choice shouldn't have to come with a long set of costly compromises attached. And now it no longer does—choose Coribo.

You need more than just a distributor—you need an expert. You need more than products—you need strategy.

Drone Takeoff


Garmin leads the pack when it comes to GPS and navigation products. Their high-quality lineup is easily integrated into consumers’ everyday lives, whether crossing land, sea or air.



Garmin constantly updates and upgrades their fitness bands and sports watches to meet customers’ demands. In fact, Garmin makes it a priority to innovate products that meet ever-changing needs even before customers realize it themselves.



Superior value and consumer confidence are Garmin’s top priorities. Garmin has the outdoors covered with fishfinders, action cameras, sports, and every adventure that customers are looking to outfit.

About Us

Accelerate-time-to market and effectively increase your distribution capabilities by leveraging the power of our value-added logistics

With years of experience in the technology market, Coribo incorporates an integral solution in electronic security to its portfolio, with products from excellent brands which will allow its resellers to increase their sales and profitability.

Coribo incorporates the most outstanding manufacturers in the field of electronic security in its line card to meet the requirements of multiple vertical markets, from residential solutions to SMB and business and infrastructure solutions.




4851 NW 79th Ave 

Doral, FL 33166

430 Dover B

West Palm Beach, Palm Beach 33417


Barranquilla, Colombia Office

Cra. 56 #80-100

Barranquilla, Atlántico





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